Numerology and Biorhythm Calculator

Numerology is a broad and complex science, dating back approximately 2700 years when it was invented by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras.

Over the years, other scholars became interested in the subject, leading to the concepts that define numerology today. Today, we understand numerology as the science that studies the impact of numbers on our lives. The key feature is our date of birth, from which we derive the personal or destiny number. This number can reveal a lot about ourselves, our personality, ambitions, and capabilities. We can understand how we are in romantic relationships, the profile of potentially compatible people, among other aspects of our lives.

On this site, you can discover the meaning of your birth numbers, soul number, destiny number, and personality number, among others. Additionally, you will obtain your biorhythm chart with its main cycles and percentages for each of them.

You only need to enter your date of birth and name. Use the active names, generally three: first name, middle name, and, if you have two surnames, the one you use more. If you are a married woman, use your maiden name. If you use more than 3 names, they will be ignored.

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